We capture the attention of your customers then educate them on your services to solve their problem and execute on the sale.

At Out The Box Digital Marketing, each client is unique, this is why we create strategies tailored to the needs of each company. Reach out and we’ll help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be — ahead of the rest.


With our Campaign Management package, you will receive an advertising schedule, an advertising plan, and weekly/bi-weekly reports on current ads.

The Advertising Schedule will be updated weekly for current and future projects. The schedule will be sent a month in advance. 

The Advertising Plan will be included for each project your business needs. Each plan will be an in-depth strategy on how the ad will be executed.

Your Ads will be managed 24/7 when they first launch, until they are finished. You'll receive weekly/bi-weekly reports on analytics of each Ad and it's performance.


With our Content Creation package, you’ll receive a number of assets monthly. The purpose of this package is to provide you with content for your ads and/or social media platform. With our professional photographer/videographer, we want to make sure your business captures the attention of anyone who comes across your ads and social media platforms. In order to successfully do this, we must execute each asset within this package: 

The Storyboard is a graphic representation on how your video will unfold, shot by shot. Each ad that is planned to be produced will include a storyboard, dialouge, and purpose of the ad. Social Media post won’t include storyboard, but a detailed document on what will be executed. 

Professional photos and videos will be created with some of the industries finest equipment to produce great quality for any commercial/promotion work. All content will be edited with professional editing software (Adobe Cloud). We will be able

to share all content through Dropbox so quality won’t diminish.

4K quality is optional. There will be an increase in pricing with this option.


The Full Branding package includes it all! We will be managing all of your advertisement campaigns and social media platforms. With this package, we want to work with your company as the digital marketing team. This package will also include the content creation package.

Managing your social media platforms will consist of creating social media campaigns, posting weekly, engaging with your audience, increasing your following, and sending weekly/bi-weekly reports on each social media platform. Detailed analytics will give your business an idea on what is working the best, or what people like from your business.

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