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Who We Are

We Tell Brands’ Stories

At Out The Box, we help brands tell their stories with strategic planning and creative content designed to entice and engage their audience.


We strategize, create, and distribute impactful visual content for brands that want to push their message across digital platforms. It takes a specialized approach to stand out in this increasingly digital world.


Every strategy we create is made with this focus, customized based on your brand position in your industry, and geared for your audience.

The 5 Pillars

Work With Passion

We’re passionate – not just in a general sense, but about your company specifically. We tap into what attracts us to your brand and use that to direct our focus.

Be Authentic

No lies, no deceptions. Every business has something that makes them unique and alluring to potential customers, even if they don’t know how to put it into words. Thankfully, we do.

Be Unique

Your company has to be able to stand out if you want to compete with the onslaught of irrelevant ads and businesses every consumer faces online. We achieve this through our intense audience research and creative approaches to marketing.

Create Relationships

You’re not just looking for a one-time consumer. You’re a future industry mogul and know the value of creating long-term relationships with your clients that keep them coming back year after year. So do we.

Remain Humble

We’re lifelong learners. We never “cracked the code” and we’re never going to be in a position where we know better than our clients or their audience. We keep open minds and ears so that we’re always ready to take the best approach for each individual job.

Image by Alexander Dummer

Meet The Team

Elijah Headshot.jpg
Elijah Yopp
Founder & CEO

Elijah Yopp is a pancake connoisseur who somehow found himself in the driver’s seat after learning branding and marketing for his own first business. Now, he takes some of his creativity incubated from a young age (he’s always loved views, scenery, and won best dancer in high school) to help other businesses get their stories told.


He also knows the importance of diversification as a former D1 athlete that now spends his time creating skits and concepts for videos.

Josh Headshot.jpeg
Josh Yopp
Creative Director 

Josh Yopp is a self-made man, having channeled his love of storytelling into teaching himself filming and editing. He takes inspiration from all sorts of stories - including his favorite movie, Interstellar – which allows him to look at diverse businesses and formulate a plan that feels fresh and exciting every time. 


When he’s not watching movies, playing games with friends, or playing basketball, you can find him suited up in gray thinking about his next big story.

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